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  • Why use a spot UV coating to add a wow factor to your printing?

    As the name suggests, a Spot UV is applied to chosen areas of a printed card. This has the affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, but it also provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface. The Spot UV technique is achi...

  • What is HS Code?

    HS Code: The Harmonization Code System (HS- Code), it is recruited to various different product immigration/returned the quantize supervisory of the customs duty rate progress system.

  • Who do you use for full color printing and why?

    I've been using -- they're Web-based and very inexpensive, and they produce very high quality work. I've been really happy with the work they've done for me in the past. An artist I frequently work with recommended their services. In the past, I've also used WebCards (for t...

  • What spot color printing means?

    Ink in the printing industry is divided into four-color ink (red, yellow, blue-black), 12 kinds of special ink, additive, filler; printing four-color inks can be printed with the world's ever-changing colors, and some businesses in order to highlight their brand colors or the needs of the printing p...

  • What is the full form of RGV, CMYK, CDMA?

  • RGV- Ram Gopal VermaCMYK: short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a color model in which all colors are described as a mixture of these four process colors. CMYK is the standard color model used in offset for full-color documents. Because such printing uses i...

  • What colour space to use when printing digital photos?

    As is customary with preparing images for print in a magazine or newspaper, I convert my digital photos from RGB to CMYK before inserting into my publishing application. However, when I’m printing photos at my local photo lab, I leave them in RGB. In fact, I once tried printing a CMYK imag...

  • Does lighting impact color quality?

    Yes. Lighting is improtant since it will affect how your artwork is perceived in term of brightness, contrast and color. Ambient lighting, while viewing a digital image file on screen, needs to be considered. A bright room tends to yield darker than expected files, especially when printed. A dark ro...

  • CMYK color and silk screen printing ink problems.

    We know that CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, which is four standard colors. Screen printing inks that have the four standard color it? If a color is c20m30y15k0, it is not to take ink: 20 grams of Cyan, Magenta 30 grams, 15 grams of Yellow can be mixed after we specify the kind of tune out the...


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